Aemit released VCO II (for Eurorack)

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Aemit released VCO II, a 3340 based analog VCO for Eurorack

Features :

  • 3340 based analog VCO
  • Original vintage 1982 design adapted to Eurorack
  • Audio range : 5Hz – 22 kHz (@ 12V input, absolute max is 40 kHz).
  • Low range : 45 sec. – 100 Hz (@ 12V input, absolute max is 170 Hz).
  • 1V/octave over 12 octaves (5Hz to 20kHz).
  • Linear FM input.
  • Precise control : 3 FM inputs and attenuators, 1 is bipolar, 1 is linear.
  • Span lower sets coarse pot for lowest 6 octaves, span upper sets coarse pot for highest 6 octaves, with an overlap of 1/2 octave.
  • Fine tune.
  • Pulse Width adjustable from 5 to 95%, PWM with input jack and attenuator.
  • PW affects Pulse and “Pulsaw” outputs.
  • Individual outputs : rising and falling sawtooth, “pulsaw”, pulse, triangle and sine, low impedance, 10 Vpp.
  • Soft and hard sync.
  • Skiff friendly : 35mm deep behind front panel (overall depth including front panel and knobs is 55mm).
  • Shrouded header on the power supply connector, no risk for reverse polarity.
  • Includes printed manual card and power cable.
  • Disclaimer : despite info on the right of this page, this module is currently only available on direct order at Aemit.

VCO II is available for €199 here:

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