ALK2 – Free looper & sequencer by ZenAudio

Carl Free Software, News 3 Comments is closing shop. We’re not selling anymore. Sorry.

If you already own a copy of of ALK, the account pages will work correctly until 01.02.2021. Before that date, a copy of ALK will be made available to which doesn’t require further activation. ALK is a cross between a sequencer and a looper. Like a traditional looper, clips are performed live and subsequently looped to create layers of sound. Like in a sequencer, the loops can be drawn, moved, copied, cut and pasted in a musical arrangement.

When it’s time to perform the song, ALK will follow your arrangement, pressing the necessary virtual pedals to arm channels, trigger effects, and record and play loops at the right time.

Freeing you to do what you do best: perform.

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  1. This app looks incredible but does not seem to be working correctly. The activation code has to be entered each time you leave the main screen (just enter 1’s) and it doesn’t seem to be allowing one to add your plugins. Really hope that these issues will be sorted, as it will be great to test it out. Not a review – just wanted to let others know before investing time watching the videos and spending time on looking up how to use it before actually using the app, like I did… When these issues are sorted out, it will be one of the great freebies available for live performers.

  2. Looks like they nuked their site. :( I had my plugins at first but I did a rescan and lost them all.

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