Anamogue Voyager FX by Audio Animals for free

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Anamogue Voyager FX is a free download of a VST instrument sampler recorded using a Moog Voyager synthesizer. All sounds are unprocessed and a direct emulation of the sound you would achieve from the Moog Voyager. Sounds include 43 fallers, 25 risers, 29 sweeps and 24 zaps. Each sample is loaded on to C2 and spans the full keyboard range. By playing FX in different octaves adjust the speed in which the sample is played. Download Anamogue Voyager FX free by following the simple instructions below.

Add warm rich analogue FX to your tracks using this unique Moog Voyager FX synthesizer. FX include a range of fallers, risers, sweeps and zaps. All samples are recorded in 24bit/44,100kHz wav.

VST Sampler 453 Mb
– 43 Fallers
– 25 Risers
– 29 Sweeps
– 24 Zaps

Audio Animals – Anamogue Voyager FX

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