INSANE Black Friday Deal at Tegeler Audio Manufaktur

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We could not believe it but its actually true!
Tegeler Audio Manufaktur runs Blue Weekend where you can get their Tube Summing Mixer (worth EUR 1.699,00 €) for free if you buy any of their products (which are super awesome btw.).

Celebrate with us and save up to 3.198,00 €!
First of all: This deal is absolutely unique and will not come back in any similar way in the next years.

There are no percentages, because we are already blue! Don’t worry, in German that means something like being drunk. In fact we are drunk enough to come up with this crazy deal. Buy one device and you will get a Tube Summing Mixer for free. If you buy two devices you will get a TSM for free and the possibility to buy a Konnektor for just 1000,00 €. If you buy three or more devices you won’t get anything, because then you already have enough money.

Tegeler Audio Manufaktur

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