1V/Oct The Centre – Eurorack Modular Wavetable Synth at Kickstarter

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We found an interesting Synth/Eurorack project on Kickstarter: The Centre – Eurorack Modular Wavetable Synth
The Kickstarter campaign is only running for a few more days (until 11.06.2021) and the module can still be pre-ordered as Early Bird for only 3000HKD (approx. 320€).

The Centre brings preset wavetable sounds to modular synthesisers but it also comes as a compact semi-modular synth that can bring massive sounds to your music production. Experts can use it as another incredible source of sound that can be modulated with their existing Eurorack system while beginners can be introduced to the world of sound and music production.

Being a music producer you will be able to bring your predefined sounds to your performances and beginners can just rely on thousands of predefined presets to enjoy an introduction to the electronic music world.

For beginners in the modular world, The Centre can be your springboard for starting making sounds without incredible investment and also teach you modulations and sound design from within a single module. Change sounds at the ease of turning the knob or become a sound designer and create new and unique sounds that no one yet ever engineered.

The following features are currently available:

  • Polyphony (up to 4 voices of polyphony all controlled independently from V/OCT inputs)
  • Wavetable Oscillator with Unison/Detune/Warp
  • LFO with Sine, Square and Triangle output that can be freely controlled
  • VCO standard high resolution oscillators with Sine, Square and Triangle
  • Low Frequency Shaper – Shapes – shapes for low frequency modulations
  • AHDSR Envelope
  • Filters (Bi-Quad and Diode Ladder)
  • Drum Racks – MIDI powered drum sets playing sampled drums
  • Sample playback controlled by Gate or MIDI
  • Clocks, MIDI clocks, gate dividers
  • Ring Modulator
  • Wave Folder
  • Digital VCA – Voltage Controlled Amplifier
  • Simple Multiband Compressor
  • 3-Band Equaliser

More info here: 1V/Oct |The Centre at Kickstarter

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