AtoVproject announced Gaeto

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AtoVproject announced Gaeto, a new type of clocked logic module. Gaeto is a great module to play around with triggers, gates and legatoes turning one into the other. As a result we decided to name the module Gaeto from “Gate” and “Legato”.

Some of the functions that the module can perform are:

  • /2 /3 Clock divider
  • Legato generator
  • Trigger to gate converter
  • Rhythm quantizer
  • Sub octave generator with PWM
  • Generative trigger sequence


  • Eurorack format 6hp
  • Black or grey panels
  • Power consumption: 24mA at 12V, 12mA at -12V
  • Available as DIY kit and Assembled
  • Power cable
  • 3 pin dupont cable for chaining modules

More info here: AtoVproject | Gaeto

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