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Audio Brewers released ab Phaser


Audio Brewers released ab Phaser, a three-dimensional one! Natively compatible with Mono and Stereo signals, ‘ab Phaser’ works in Higher Order Ambisonics under the hood, which makes it compatible with any speaker array imaginable, including Dolby Atmos.

What sets ‘ab Phaser’ apart? Well, ‘ab Phaser’ comes with several discrete phasers which allow phase sweeps over each of the dimensional planes of your signal, or even better, each of the dimensional poles! This means you can tweak and adjust independently the phase sweeps happening not only in the Width, Depth, and Height of your signal – but also in the Front, Back, Left, Right, Top, or Bottom separately – offering a new level of customization in your sound manipulation.

‘ab Phaser’ is perfect for musicians and sound designers who want to get in-depth with their audio productions, offering precise new ways of approaching sound for a tailored result. You can work in traditional ways or experiment, adjusting each aspect independently to get innovative results.

In essence, ‘ab Phaser’ is about giving you more control and flexibility. It makes rhythmic phase sweeps three-dimensionally fun, whether you’re working in Mono, Stereo, or any Immersive format, including Dolby Atmos.. So, if you’re looking to take your productions to a new dimension, ‘ab Phaser’ is a solid choice.

Do you have a Mono or Stereo source? well, ‘ab Phaser’ will automatically convert it to Ambisonics so that you can manipulate it three-dimensionally.

Do you work with Stereo mixes? ‘Phaser’ works natively in Ambisonics, meaning that regardless of your output being in Stereo, all the processing has been done three-dimensionally so you can rotate, reshape, and manipulate your signal before it’s converted to Stereo, for unique Binaural sensations.

Do you work in Surround, Dolby Atmos, or a custom multispeaker array? Because ‘ab Phaser’ works in up to 7th-Order Ambisonics*, you can literally transform the soundscape of ANY two or three-dimensional source with unprecedented definition!

GET IT FOR FREE with any purchase above 44,00€ (Through January 3) in celebration of our 3-Year Anniversary.

More info here: Audio Brewers | ab Phaser

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