19. January 2024 | Free Software | Carl

Axart releases AutoBeat for free


AutoBeat is a novel 12-track MIDI beat generator plugin that leverages the power of AI to generate unlimited beats in various styles. From hip-hop to techno, AutoBeat never runs out of ideas. The workflow is simple: choose your parameters, click on the generate button, edit, share or clear and start again.

– Unlimited beat generation
– Multiple style selections, including random and mixed– 12 tracks with individual mute, solo, volume, and nudge left/right controls
– Beat generation can be limited to selected tracks for more flexibility (for example you can generate a beat that only includes kick, snare, and hi hat)
– Multiple prompt parameters including beat duration (1, 2, 4, or 8 bars), density, and intensity
– Custom pitch mapping so you can use your favorite drum machine or even a synthesizer for arpeggios and basslines
– Store up to 128 beats and 8 prompts
– Export generated beats as MIDI

Get it here gor free.

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