Behringer released CM1A

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Behringer released CM1A, a high-resolution 16-Bit MIDI to CV Converter that allows you to control any modular synth in your setup with a MIDI keyboard, sequencer or DAW to open up an infinite number of ways to make some amazing tunes and a whole realm of sonic possibilities. Plus, its 16-Bit Texas Instruments DAC ensures the highest resolution sound quality and pitch accuracy.

Connect and Control
By integrating the CM1A into your setup, you can now control your synths in a multitude of ways. Connect your computer to the USB port on the CM1A and control your CV and Trig outputs via a DAW. The CM1A can even receive firmware updates through this connection. Want to use your MIDI controller instead? Plug it in to the MIDI In with your other devices to the MIDI Thru port and transmit signals by playing as you would.

Time to Pull the Trigger
The CM1A comes equipped with dual trigger outputs that can be used to control any of your favorite envelope generators. You can even switch between V-trig, S-trig or both types of outputs simultaneously via the Trig Mode Switch.

~ USD 80$

More info here: Behringer | CM1A

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