Better Tracks with High End Vocals: ToneSpot Voice Express for only 4.99€

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Vocals are the most important musical element in most songs. Due in no small part to the vast dynamics of the human voice, giving vocals a professional sound that carries through in a dense mix is an art in itself. Wouldn‘t it be cool to have a tool that simplifies this intricate effects processing? Raise the curtain on our plug-in highlight, Audified ToneSpot Voice Express!

What‘s worse than a glossy track with vocals that sound like they were recorded in a dull box? ToneSpot provides a remedy for this! The operation is as straightforward and simple as possible. Presets for different applications are provided. Under the hood, the algorithms in the ToneSpot Voice Pro plug-in are hard at work. The combination of the 10 different effect modules varies from preset to preset.

It‘s worth trying out!
Try out the various presets on different audio material such as vocals, guitar, bass and piano sounds, acoustic and electronic drums and synthesizer sounds. Each preset uses a custom combination of effects, including distortion, saturation, de-essing, equalizing, compression, finalizer, delay, and reverb.

Price and availability
ToneSpot Voice Express ships with the latest issue 08/22 of Beat magazine, which is available for 4.99€ as single PDF issue at Falkemedia Shopor as a subscription at Plugins-Samples. Yearly subscribers at Plugins-Samples get access to 100+ back issues of Beat Magazine, including all the software highlights (while stocks last).

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