Factory by Sugar Bytes 50% off

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Currently you can get Factory by Sugar Bytes for just 59€

Factory opens up new paths to creative sound design – so it’s more than simply another instrument. Generative and durable sounds are child’s play, as well as the direct bass to the beat. It comes with a whole host of powerful sound manipulation tools including:

  • Poly Synth with Mod-Matrix and Sequencers
  • 2×10 Oscillator Engines
  • Sub-Oscillator with Ring-modulation
  • Noise Generator with 5 colors
  • 8×10 Mod Matrix with 36 targets
  • Morph Fader, 2 States & Copy/Paste
  • Sample & Hold Module
  • 8-voice VA-Sync, Wavetable, Waveguide & Fractal Synthesis

With four sequencers are pulling the strings behind the curtain, “Factory” is polyphonic supersonics!

More info here: VSTBuzz | Factory by Sugar Bytes

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