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Black Salt Audio released Oxygen


Black Salt Audio released Oxygen, a new plugin that uses a unique process to control & enhance the top- end of any track in your mix, with a smooth & musical character you can’t get from EQ.

Key Features

  • At the core of Oxygen lies a smooth crossover filter with three predefined and carefully selected cutoff values, to give Bite, Presence or Air to the sound.
  • A compressor that consists of two fine-tuned modes which are targeted specifically to work on high frequencies. And a Control knob that is smartly setting the compression of the algorithm.
  • The tape saturation circuit is tuned to work great together with the high frequency parts of a signal. The additional added harmonics and imperfections allow to create a warmer high-end that can be boosted further without getting tiring to the ears.
  • The Width found in the stereo version of Oxygen allows to boost the side signal of a sound in a very natural way. This can work great on stereo busses, giving extra width and shimmer to cymbals or other sources.
  • Preset system with Producer presets included

Intro: 20% Off
Regular: 108,00 €

More info here: Black Salt Audio | Oxygen

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