Boyss-Sound-e-Scapes are releasing Maschine Midi Drum Patterns for free

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Maschine MDP (1&2) are midi packs for easy creation of drum loops/breaks.

Because user can create any kind of combination of separate drum elements patterns it is very easy to make your own drum loops and breaks.
Maschine Midi Drum Patterns 2 is second and final installment in the series. There are all-new midi patterns, slightly more than in the first part (1st: almost 4k, MDP2 over 4,3K individual midi files).
They are not restricted to using just in NI Maschine software, they can be used with other DAWs/samplers.

Free Demo pack available. Demo is heavily stripped version (only 5% of full version) but still contains over 200 MIDI files and templates too, no license or other differences.

Maschine Midi Drum Patterns

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