Butch: Peaktime vs Downtime (Electronic Beats TV)

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Telekom Electronic Beats released Butch: Peaktime vs Downtime (Electronic Beats TV) on their YouTube Channel.
Bülent Gürler – or Butch, as he’s know to his many fans – is equally at home in clubs, festivals and his meditative, light-filled studio. His DJ-fuel tunes have been released on Visionquest, Cocoon, Drumcode, Hot Creations, Desolat, SCI-TEC, Rekids, Moon Harbour and more experimental, “psycho-acoustic” tunes on his own label, Otherside, while his peak-time sets have been global fixtures for more than 15 years. Telekom Electronic Beats TV caught up with him at home in Mainz for this special interview feature.

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