12. July 2021 | Free Software | Carl

Callybeat releases synthesizer with included sampler Hum808


It is a synthesiser designed to be easy to use thanks to its intuitive all-in-one interface. Signal reading is possible thanks to its spectrum analyser and oscilloscope, which allow us to oscilloscope that allow us to model the sound with great ease from both a technical and creative approach.

Its three oscillators together with the sampler can operate in subtractive synthesis or FM according to the configuration of each user, facilitating sound experimentation with unimaginable scope.

And to finish creating your idea, you can process your sound with its 5 included effects …
Let’s have fun designing something with Hum808x!

These are its main features:
– 3 oscillators with 5 waveforms.
– 1 sampler with 70 samples useful in FM synthesis.
– 1 ADSR surround control.
– 8 dedicated modulators.
– 16 types of filters with modulators.
– 5 effects: distortion, compression, limiter, reverb, delay.
– 1 parametric equalizer.
– Maximum 16 voices.
– Spectrum analyser.
– Oscilloscope.
– 130 presets.

Callybeat – HUM808x

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