Catalyst Vol. 2 – Gravitas Create releases 164 free Serum presets

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After the great sucess of the Serum-Preset pack Catalyst Vol. 1 by Gravitas Create with 100 free presets, the developers have released the follow up – Catalyst Vol. 2

Catalyst Vol. 2 is 164 Free Serum Presets from AHEE, Buzz Junior, Chrizpy Chriz, Encanti of ZEE, Jon Casey, K+Lab, Labden, Mindex, Mr. Bill, Orenda, Prismatic, Psymbionic, Secret Recipe, Templo, and Wolf-e-Wolf. They’ve also tossed in some of their favorite serum presets from Flavors Future Bass Vol. 1 and Overdrive – Bass House Sample Pack & Serum Presets Vol. 1.

Gravitas Create

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