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CaviSynth released Ambivalent


CaviSynth released Ambivalent, a double cross mixing module or in other words: a rotary dual crossfader. The module is also available as DIY Kit.

You can use it to linearly mix audio or CV signals. It can be used in dual separate crossfader mode or in 3 voice mixer mode because the first crossfader is standardized in input 3 of the second crossfader.
Come to think of it, we can even turn it into a stereo mixer, don’t you think?

You don’t always need a standard mixer. When we want to create a triple polyphonic voice, we never lower the three voices, we seek an acoustic balance between them, don’t we?

Precisely, I created it mainly for two specific personal needs:

1. Mix the output of my VCO with a sub-voice aka SUB (a bit like the SUBWAY)
2. Mix three VCOs for polyphony.

Sure enough, it’s very simple, no CV entries. I didn’t need it and suddenly the module works very well;)
It’s up to you to appropriate it and do what you want with it!

Full Module: €59.00
Kit: €39.00
PCB + Panel: €15.00

More info here: CaviSynth

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