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CB Sounddesign released ACTIVATION 2


CB Sounddesign released ACTIVATION 2, a Futuristic UI sound effects collection and the successor to the successful UI sound library, Activation.

This collection is an ideal complement to the original library released five years ago, but it’s also a powerful standalone
resource for all your UI sound needs.

ACTIVATION 2 offers a wide range of UI sound effects thoughtfully organised into various categories, making it a
valuable resource for your creative projects.

Categories in ACTIVATION 2 are:

  • Robot_UI
  • Beeps and Bells
  • Clicks
  • Confirmations
  • Positive & Negative Feedback
  • Sequences
  • Misc
  • Hover
  • Backgrounds
  • Counters
  • Glitches
  • Alerts
  • Zoom
  • Start_and_Shutdown
  • UI Voices (2 styles)

Discover over 1,000 robotic UI and HUD sound effects, each meticulously crafted using state-of-the-art synthesizers,
analogue and digital equipment. These sounds have been carefully mastered and edited to ensure seamless integration
into your projects.

In addition to the sound effects, ACTIVATION 2 includes about 1000 UI voices, covering everything from the
alphabet, numbers and phrases to simple words. Including phrases and words such as “Artificial Intelligence”, “All
systems up and running”, “projection”, practical commands such as “save”, “load” and “exit”, as well as directions (up,
down, left, right) and date and time cues. ACTIVATION 2 meets the nuanced needs of your UI design. Each phrase or
word is available in two different voice styles.

Whether you’re working on games, mobile applications, web design or any other project that requires a rich UI
experience, ACTIVATION 2 is a comprehensive and versatile sound library that can stand alone or complement your
existing sound resources.

ACTIVATION 2 file names and metadata follows the Universal Category System (UCS).

Intro: 20 € (introductory sale with 50% off)
Regular: 40€
Moreover, all CB Sounddesign libraries are currently available at discounts of up to 70% off.

More info here: asoundeffect.com or here: sonniss.com or here: lootaudio.com

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