Cherry Audio released VM900 Collection for Voltage Modular

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With the sound, look, and feel that started it all, the Cherry Audio/MRB VM900 Collection delivers the audio and visual experience of the legendary 1960s and 1970s-era Moog 900-series modules with spine-tingling impact and accuracy. Every detail has been expertly reproduced, for a virtual window into the halcyon days of early analog synthesis. Award-winning synth designer Mark Barton’s (MRB) proprietary DSP coding reproduces each and every sonic nuance with unprecedented accuracy.

The VM900-series designs remain true to the originals, and have not been altered or updated to reflect modern trends. Panel layouts and operation have been preserved in order to present a one-to-one early analog experience like no other. From oscillator drift to warm mixer overdrive to painstakingly reproduced panel art, it’s all there. And with 27 modules, the Cherry Audio/MRB VM900 Collection represents all of the commonly produced 900-series modules, including the early 901-style and later 921-style oscillators, both in single and “ABBB” grouped module versions. The coveted 904 ladder filter is also included in lowpass and highpass versions as well as an “ABC” combo version with the 904C Coupler module for endless filter curve flavors. The famous CP3 Mixer includes both early and later circuit styles for vintage-correct overdrive or purer tones. We’ve also included a unique Keyboard/VCO Interface module that allows three-voice chordal “paraphonic” operation and three highly-adjustable independent glides.


More info here: Cherry Audio | VM900 Collection

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