Cinematique Instruments releases free plugin Guitar Harmonics Essential

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The free VST guitar created by Cinematique Instruments can be used in every audio software featuring VST 3, AAX or AU with the free plug-in HALion Sonic SE 3. Guitar Harmonics focuses on so-called flageolet notes or harmonics and creates very pure and clear sounds of an electric guitar.

The instrument provides a lot of useful options giving you a wide range of tools to vary and change the sound at your own requirement such as note length control (decay), tone control, cabinet and rotary and a reverb and delay control.

With this array of tools, the instrument produces a wide spread of sounds such as organic reverse guitars, fragile string notes and warm e-piano tones.

– Inspiring warm sound
– Attack control
– Decay control
– Tone control
– Cabinet simulation
– Rotary simulation
– Reverb and delay
– Free download

GuitarHarmonics Essential

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