Cinematique Instruments releases Klang Free-edition

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Cinematique Instruments has decided to create a free instrument series of their Kontakt instrument KLANG.

“The instruments will cover a wide range of approaches including unpublished instruments, sound experiments, theoretical musical thought concepts or random products. Each of our team mates has thought about what they have always been interested in or what they have always wanted to try out. KLANG will show how we see music, what we love and how important we find the sound in music. And there is no better name for it than: KLANG (which is German and means ‘sound’)

Every month we will release a new edition as ‘KLANG OF THE MONTH’ and since we are now 10 years old, we start directly with a bunch six instruments to get started.

The concept of KLANG is simple – we wanted to keep KLANG as clear and uniform as possible despite all the differences in the instruments. That’s why KLANG actually only consists of 3 large controls as well as reverb, delay and 2 master FX switches. That’s it. There’s nothing more…. but depending on the instrument, this is surprisingly redefined. Try it out!

All KLANG instruments require the FULL VERSION of KONTAKT 5.6.8 or higher.”
Cinematique Instruments – Klang

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