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Waldorf dvca1
Waldorf cmp1
Waldorf mod1


More and more synthesizer enthusiasts recognize the Eurorack as a huge playground for sound design. Collecting sound modules is like a “fun addiction” where the musician can precisely customize his setup as he goes along without spending a huge amount of money all at once. It’s a system that can grow over time into a massively versatile and totally flexible musical instrument.


Built around two VCAs with a wide range of options including the most important one: the ability to musically colour the signal. Starting in dry mode, you get high-precision analogue amplification.


A true high-end analogue compressor not only adds punch to your signal, but it also can be modulated in intriguing and unconventional ways!


Three different modulation sources in one module make the mod1 the control center of your modular patch.

Checkout the Waldorf Product News 2016 Video

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