Cut Through Recordings released EpicPRESS

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Cut Through Recordings released EpicPRESS v2.0 for Mac, Win & Lin

EpicPRESS is designed to be as flexible as possible, giving you full control over your dynamics. This plug-in features stereo-linked compressors to give a smooth and even compression across both channels, as well as automatic make-up gain. The one of a kind real-time display shows the threshold, knee, and output peak level in one.


  • Attack, Release, Threshold, Knee, and Gain controls
  • Toggle-able automatic make-up gain
  • Unique real-time display to visual the compression curve
  • Toggle-able Feed-back and Feed-forward detection modes
  • User controllable highpass filter in the detection circuit for smoother results
  • Drive control modeled after tube saturation

The compression for EpicPRESS comes with the following controls: Attack Time, Release Time, Threshold, Knee width, and Gain.
Attack and release time is measured in milliseconds with attack time ranging from 0 to 300ms, and release time ranging from 20 to 5000ms.
Threshold is measured in decibels and ranges from 0 to -48dB.
EpicPRESS has a soft-knee function which is measured in decibels with a max width of 6dB. 0dB results in a hard knee.

The Display
The display for EpicPRESS is one of a kind. It allows you to visualize what the compression curve looks like. The display to the right of the controls shows a graph of input to output measured in dB. In realtime the input and output are shown as the shaded area under the compression curve.

This compressor will feel at home on any track and any workflow. Add it to your toolbox and find out for yourself!
Regular: $35.00

More info here: Cut Through Recordings | EpicPRESS

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