d16 Nepheton comes with Beat Magazine for only 5,49 Euro

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No other drum machine has been copied in hardware or software as often as Roland‘s TR-808, and it‘s no wonder. It has, after all, influenced countless musical genres, from Hip Hop and Electro to Techno and House to R&B, Pop and Trap. One of the best virtual replicas of this cult device is without doubt the d16 Nepheton. The full version is part of the latest Beat issue #180.

Also on board: XXL Overdrive & Filter bundle
Distortion, Filtering and Tape Saturation are not only among the most popular effects, but also the most effective tools for sound shaping of drums and synths. In particular, the classic amp overdrive from cassette decks provided that magical sound years ago. The XXL bundle features five selected plug-ins to give drums, instruments and vocals a subtle to aggressive, as well as a richer sound.

Over 100 crunchy patches: LoFi EDM for Zampler & Akai MPC’s

Lo-Fi is the new chic. From Hip- and Glitch-Hop, Downtempo and Chillout to Trap and EDM, this crunchy retro sound has already infected numerous music styles and there’s no end in sight! Therefore, there‘s no need to worry, here Beat provides 108 patches of the finest material, which will make room in any mix with its massive rough but charming sound. Ready to go for Zampler and the current range of Akai MPC hard- and software.

Price and availability
Beat Magazine features 100 pages of reviews, workshops, tutorials, interviews and scene buzz for producers as well as 12 GB of sound and software. Issue 01/2021 is available for 5,49 Euro as single PDF issue at www.falkemedia-shop.de/sound/beat-english/ or as subscription at www.plugins-samples.com. Yearly subscribers at Plugins-Samples get access to 90+ back issues of Beat Magazine, including all the software highlights (while stocks last).

Beat – 01-2021

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