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Flying Hand Percussion is an award winning 10GB sample library featuring 18 hand percussion instruments from Africa, Asia, South America and Europe.

Its jam-packed with a range of playing techniques, articulations, mic positions and features making it perfect for composing and playing live in every musical genre!

Perfect for writing children’s music, comedy, adverts and more etc.

Hand Percussion

the following instruments are included:

  • Anklungs – Asian Bamboo rattlers (4 sizes)
  • Ashiko – 14″ Maple Ashiko Drum
  • Gran Casa – An Orchestral Bass Drum, suspended and played with hands
  • Bells – A variety of Bell-like instruments
  • Bongo Cajon – Bongo Cajon with Mahogany heads
  • Boomwhackers ® – ‘D’ and ‘G’ Boomwhackers
  • Claves – The earthy ‘Piru’ claves
  • Clay Drum – Custom made Clay Drum like an Udu
  • Congas – A hi-end set of Congas
  • Cowbell – 3 different types of cowbells
  • Djembe – 16” Djembe
  • Frame Drums – 16” and 22” Frame Drums
  • Kanjira – Indian Kanjira Hand Drum
  • Timbales – 14” and 16” hi-end Timbales
  • Triangles – Orchestra Brass Triangle and the one-of-a-kind Trine Instrument
  • Naal – Custom made Indian Naal Drum. Its tone resembles a Tabla
  • Plastic Bottle – 5 Gallon Plastic jug
  • Shakers – Assorted including Plastic, Wood & Bamboo

Normally €27.99 get it at 64% off

  • 10GB download with 40,000 individual samples, up to 20 dynamic layers per note, 4x Round robin. Up to 3 mic positions. Over 50dB of dynamic range.
  • Totally noiseless with no artifacts!
  • Anklungs, Ashiko, Gran Casa, Bells, Bongo Cajon, Boomwhackers ®, Claves, Clay Drum, Congas, Cowbell, Djembe, Frame Drums, Kanjira, Timbales, Triangles, Naal, Plastic Bottle, Shakers
  • Additional Morphosis – Electro Acoustic Drums synthesized from real objects’ resonances &  Mutants – Cinematic Sound fx, re-pitched instruments and Virtual ensembles
  • Meticulous collection of articulations / extended techniques / Left-Right hand samples / multiple playing zones, and combination strokes.
  • Legato Drumming™ – realtime replication of live performance and instrument control.
  • Innovative, consistent, and logical mapping.
  • Optimized for studio production and LIVE triggering.
  • Custom Reverb impulses included
  • Winner 2008 Electronic Musician “Editors Choice Award” – Best Sound Library
  • This is version 1.5 which includes new recently updated content
  • Full version of Kontakt 4 or higher is required (Does not work with Kontakt Player)

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