Deal: 90% off “Kontakt Total Bundle” by Audiority

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“Kontakt Total Bundle” is a huge collection of sample libraries that covers everything from classic/retro electronics and sound design sources, to more familiar pianos and and exotic ethnic instruments.

This bundle includes ALL the Audiority Kontakt sample libraries released so far and covers so much ground you’ll probably find a use for it in almost any genre of music!

Kontakt Total Bundle

8 Products With 3GB+ of Samples and 500 Patches!

From huge, shaking 808 kicks and basses to Abstract Ethreal Textures. From Epic Pig Guiros (no really!) to a Caribbean Deep Bass Kalimba, this epic collection of Kontakt libraries has it all!

“Kontakt Total Bundle” by Audiority is a veritable Swiss army knife of sound sources that offers so many musical possibilities you’ll find yourself lost for hours just exploring it’s hidden depths!

Every single instrument in this collection is unique and the vast majority of them offer a wide selection of both basic patches as well as more exotic/processed variations, all designed to bring instant inspiration to hard working producers, composers and sound designers!

Included in the bundle are the following products:

  • 808 Battleship
  • Abstract Textures
  • Analog Drawbars
  • Epic Pig Guiro
  • The Modular Piano
  • Pills #1: Metal Leads
  • Pills #2: Synth Strings
  • Marimbula

NB. Requires the full version of Kontakt 5.5 or higher. Not compatible with Kontakt Player. Standalone WAV samples are included in each sample library also.

Normally €99.00 – get it at 90% before its gone!

  • Huge 60% off the normal price!
  • Perfect for rock, pop, indie, funk and punk
  • Recorded in high quality 24bit / 44.1kHz
  • 5,400+ individual samples, 4x Round robin
  • Extended and realistic dynamic range
  • Extensive Hi-Hat engine with many articulations and modulation options.
  • Separate Left/Right hits on Snare and Toms
  • Intelligent Legato Snare Grace notes, Cymbal Chokes, and note overlap cleanup.
  • Full mixer with EQ, Compression, and innovative mic bleed control.
  • Includes a useful Groove engine with over 350 grooves.
  • Optimized for studio production and LIVE triggering
  • 3GB Harddrive space required
  • Full version of Kontakt 5.2 or higher required – NOT COMPATIBLE WITH KONTAKT PLAYER

Get 90% discount and buy “Kontakt Total Bundle” for just 9,99€ here:

Get Kontakt Total Bundle here

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