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A Mind-Bending Audio Transformation Plugin To Manipulate, Distort, Destroy & Transform Your Sounds
“Garbage LSD” provides a series of lethal modules to manipulate, distort, destroy and transform your sounds with radioactive modulation, junk EQs, warping convolutions and scummy filtering to name a few.
Product Features

Filters (6 unique filter types)
Distortion (3 distortion modes with colour adjustment)
LoFi (bit depth, sample rate and noise control)
Ring Modulation (standard and amplitude modulation circuits)
Convolution Reverb (Impulse Response loader)
EQ (spectral loss EQ, reminiscent of transistor radios)
Compression (Analog Studio Rack comp, simplified with fixed controls)
Modulation Matrix (two modulators; modulate all parameters with LFO, Envelope follower and side chain feed, and modulate each other parameters: mod 1 and mod 2)

Using the various components of Garbage LSD enables one to create wacky new sounds to spice up mixes or create “innovative” textures never thought possible.
Note: This plugin may not yet be compatible with macOS 10.15 (Catalina) or above. Native Apple Silicon/M1 chips may not be supported at this time. A Demo version can be downloaded HERE.

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