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Almost every track needs some analog warmth & character. Making a weak-cold-lost track roar requires some special magic… and the name of this plugin says it all; “Heater”! This is a high-quality digital simulation of one of the most powerful EQ based analog-style saturation tone shapers. It heats the signal with giving fat, colored, gritty, dirty or crystal clear tones to your tracks.

Beef up your vocals, guitars, basses, drums other acoustic instruments and even master channels up! Put your tracks in the oven with Heater and your life will be better.

A Rich, Analog, Endlessly Tweakable Saturation Effect To Fatten Up Your Mix
With “Heater”, adding true high quality analog character to your tracks is so easy, you can use it on any track and any situation without a doubt. You can re-produce every style from fat warm basses and shining bright vocals to boomy devastating drums and huge synth leads.


  • NoiseAsh’s Magical, Fast & High Definition DSP Engine
  • Vintage Analog saturation with Drive mode
  • Special Analog Harmonic Distortion
  • Stereo Expander
  • Solid State (Type I) and EQP1A (TypeII) Analog EQ Models for Low and High Gain with 4 Frequency ranges
  • LP & HP Filters
  • Simplified controls, lots of creative possibilities
  • Resizable GUI
  • CPU friendly

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