Deal: Infected Sounds reduces price for rompler – Save 20 Euro

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Infected Sounds has announced to reduce the Price from 49,- EUR to 29,- EUR.
The VST Sampler/Rompler Instruments are having different libraries with the following features:

– The samples are Wav files.
– One Preset bank with save, load, copy, paste, & 128 presets.
– You can use 1 sample at a time on each preset, this means you can have One sample on each preset on the preset bank.
– One Master Volume.
– One Noise Oscillator with white & pink noise.
– Two Lfos with speed, depth, phase & sync, 22 waves.
– One Pan Lfo with speed, depth, phase & sync 22 waves.
– One Modifier with atk, hold, dec, sus, rel, amt.
– One Amplifier with atk, hold, dec, sus, rel amt.
– One Master pan.
– One Filter with cut, res, key, 12 & 24 db, LP, HP, BP, VOW.
– One Formant vowel filter with cut, res, level, that filter 1 are passing true.
– Porta with legato & slide mode.
– Velocity on & off.
– One Main Octave.
– Velocity for Filter & Modifier.
– Polyphony up to 32 voices.
– One mini Matrix for Lfos with destinations.
– One Sequencer.
– One Trancegate.
– Pitch Bend with range amount.
– One Mod Wheel (Routable).
– Aftertouch (Routable).
– Keyboard.
– VU Meters.

– Effects:

– Overdrive.
– Decimator.
– Equalizer.
– Chorus.
– Fatner.
– Ensemble.
– Reverb.

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