Deal: Nine Volt Audio – TAIKO 2 (67% off)

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Hello dear readers,

VSTBuzz is offering a great deal.
You can get Drum Circle by Wavesfactory for € 39,99 instead of € 121,99.


TAIKO 2 features recordings of 13 solo drums, four drum ensembles (using four or five drums at a time), ten rim and stick types (each), and four ensemble rim and stick recordings (each).

2.4GB of Deeply Sampled Solo & Ensemble Taiko Drums

Each instrument, has an incredible 10 velocity ranges and 10 round-robin variations, so any one of 100 samples might play when a note is pressed. Overall, that amounts to 11,500 samples, yet you’ll never get bogged down with the details thanks to the intuitive interface. The full range of a taiko ensemble’s detail and tonal color is available with over 30 different drums, 14 rims, and 14 stick types recorded in solo and/or ensemble settings.

TAIKO 2 also comes with a selection of 20 MIDI performance files which you can just drag and drop into your DAW to help you get started.


Get Drum TAIKO 2 by Nine Volt Audio for € 39,99

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