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Drum Circle

Hello dear readers,

VSTBuzz is offering another really great deal.
You can get Drum Circle by Wavesfactory for € 19,99 instead of € 49,99.

Drum Circle

Drum Circle

Get Drum Circle by Wavesfactory for € 19,99

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Drum Circle features a powerful and well laid-out interface split into 3 tabs; “Mixer“, “Main” and “Settings“. Select the amount of drummers in the “Main” tab (2, 4, 8 or all 14), then edit the sound and options in the “Mixer” and “Settings”.

The “Mixer” tab allows you to choose from 4 mics (kick, snare, overheads and room) to create a unique mix, and edit the volume, spread, panning, tuning and EQ controls on each mic. It also includes an FX section with compression, reverb, delay and saturation.

The “Settings” tab allows you to select the output of each mic, change the velocity curve and remap each articulation to any key you want.

This is not a normal drum sample library – its beefy, thick, booming and unique!

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