Deal: 53% off Forager by Harvest Plugins (VST/AU)

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Looking for a fresh, exciting new way to generate musical ideas for your next track? Stuck repeating the same old muscle-memory chord sequences? Then “Forager” is exactly what you are looking for!

Instantly Generate Unique Chord Progressions For Your Track & Never Lose Inspiration Again!
Forager presents a fresh, exciting way of creating unique chord progressions to inspire amazing melodies, bass lines and drum patterns. It offers the following features:
Easily play all chords without having to drag and drop MIDI files
Get out of a rut and break out of your usual patterns
Control the complexity of your chords
Generate your own original chord patterns – no need to use someone’s MIDI packs
Made for all genres of music
Usable with any sound – just use it to trigger your favourite synth
Compatible with most DAWs (plus both Mac & PC)

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