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The “Anniversary Bundle” is a collection of six awe-inspiring libraries custom designed for use in Trailer Music, Cinematic Underscore, TV Productions and Video Games.

Six Awe-Inspiring, Custom Sound Design Libraries For Kontakt!
The main focus of the instruments in the “Anniversary Bundle” is to give simple, quality, easy-to-use instruments with various options for each sample (dry, wet, gated, panned, etc) while also allowing for augmentation with the user interface options.
This bundle includes the following libraries:
Ascendance Risers
Sonar – Trailer Pings & Signatures
Trailer Braams
Trailer Drops
Trailer Trash – Cinematic Metals
Fallout Music Group’s instruments and sounds are simple, usable, and meant to be layered and augmented by the end user.

Sonar – Trailer Pings & Signatures

Fallout Music Group are proud to present the first in their new Artist Series instruments – SONAR – featuring the talents of Kyle Kniceley. The new artist series instruments will each highlight one of Fallout Music Group’s composer/sound designers, where they will create most or all of the samples on their own.

Designed synths and curated organic recordings meet to make the ultimate ping & signature creation tool.

Create your own 3-layer blend of nearly 70 different custom sources with various FX and wet/dry options. Features include:

  • Over 50,000 unique combinations of sound sources
  • Unique organic sources, including scraped metals, mangled string instruments, pianos, granular sources, guitars and even some animals
  • Curated synth recordings with various effects
  • Percussive elements to give your pings and signatures that extra thick sound
  • Keyboard mapped to give you one complete octave with our baked-in reverbs and one octave completely dry to give you total control of your mix
  • Layer mixer to allow you to mix up to 3 different sources
  • Per-layer FX, including saturation and phasing
  • Global FX, including reverb, delay, high and low pass filters and release control
  • All sources recorded at 24bit, 48k quality
  • Per-channel randomize buttons for instant inspiration
  • Dozens of snapshots to get you up and running instantly

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