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Heavy, speaker-shaking tones are just a few clicks away with “Bass Master”. This instrument is totally dedicated to bass, and it’s built on Loopmasters’ award-winning sonic history.

Create Instant Weighty, Powerful Bass Tones In Any Genre (VST/AU)
Bass Master’s huge variety of source sounds provide the inspiration for a weighty, powerful bass tone in any genre.
Across two layers, the curated set of 217 waveforms (that’s almost 50,000 possible combinations), taken from a mixture of legendary hardware classics and cutting-edge synth science.
Authentic immense sound – Two sample-based oscillators with 217 waveforms sampled from the best modern and vintage bass sources
Endless inspiration – Over 350 Presets from professional sound designers and top artists, plus waveform randomisation for instant modification
Shape your sound – 13 Filter types with dedicated filter envelope and LFO modulation
Boost the bass – Unique three-band Frequency Booster for added crispness, body and bass
Add dirt, width and space – Distortion, Chorus and Reverb effects offer a choice of algorithms
Mod-wheel macro – Assign any three parameters to the mod wheel
Sculpt powerful transients – ADSR (Top) and AR (Sub) Envelopes, Signal Mixer
Keep the low-end clean – Direct Out control for the Sub, Sample Start selection for the Top Layer
Take global control – Legato/Portamento playback with Glide, Pitchbend up to +/-12 semitones
Considering Loopmasters’ pedigree as purveyors of top-quality sounds for decades, why accept anything less?

Normally €75 – get it at 61% off before it’s gone!

  • 61% off the normal price (normally €75!)!
  • Authentic immense sound – Two sample-based oscillators with 217 waveforms sampled from the best modern and vintage bass sources.
  • Endless inspiration – Over 350 Presets from professional sound designers and top artists, plus waveform randomisation for instant modification.
  • Shape your sound – 13 Filter types with dedicated filter envelope and LFO modulation
  • Boost the bass – Unique three-band Frequency Booster for added crispness, body and bass
  • Add dirt, width and space – DistortionChorus and Reverb effects offer a choice of algorithms
  • Mod-wheel macro – Assign any three parameters to the mod wheel
  • Sculpt powerful transients – ADSR (Top) and AR (Sub) Envelopes, Signal Mixer
  • Keep the low-end clean – Direct Out control for the SubSample Start selection for the Top Layer
  • Take global control –  Legato/Portamento playback with Glide, Pitchbend up to +/-12 semitones
  • macOS – 10.12 – 10.15 (macOS 11 Big Sur is NOT yet officially compatible) – AU (64-bit only), VST (64-bit only)
  • Windows – 10, 8 and 7 – VST (64-bit only)
  • Note: Bass Master will work on any ‘modern’ DAW that supports 64-bit plugins. Please download the Trial Version to ensure that it works on your system before making a purchase.
  • Note: Please be aware you will be required to visit an external website in order to create an account, redeem and download your product. We do not host the download at VSTBuzz.
  • Important Note: Bass Master is NOT yet officially compatible with macOS 11 Big Sur.
  • Important Note: Bass Master is NOT currently available in AAX format.
  • With a clean and simple UI, meaning it’s a breeze to dial in your ultimate bass tone!

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