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Deal: Building Blocks by Audible Genius 50% off


“Building Blocks” is an online music theory and composition course tailored to the needs of DAW-based music makers.

Starting from the very beginning, you’ll embark on a video game-style interactive journey in their online DAW. And along the way, you’ll build real-life music-making skills with the intuitive step-by-step process until you’re making your own original beats from scratch.

Music Theory & Composition Course For DAW-Based Music Makers!
Building Blocks is a special music course designed for those who write music in a DAW. It will teach you how to create these four essential elements of music in an engaging DAW environment:

  • Drum Patterns
  • Basslines
  • Chord Progressions
  • Melodies

Over the duration of the course you will learn about, modernized music theory, creating original music and interactive ear training.
The Building Blocks online music production course is brought to you by Audible Genius, the creators of Syntorial. With Building Blocks, they’ve taken the same interactive ear-focused approach and brought it into the world of composition.

Normally €58 – get it at 50% off before it’s gone!

  • 50% off the normal price (normally €58!)!
  • A Complete Online Music Theory & Composition Course for DAW-Based Music Makers!
  •  Two extensive courses (with more to be added in the future)
  • Modernized Music Theory
  • Creating Original Music
  • Interactive Ear Training
  • Drums – Using Kick, Snare, and Hi-Hat, to create an endless variety of patterns and rhythmic feels.
  • Bass – Writing Bass rhythms that feel great with the Drums.
  • Chords – How to use different chord types to influence a song’s tonality and mood.
  • Music Theory – Core song elements: Beat, tempo, measures, and more.
  • Ear Training – Develop and train your ear to recognize pitch and rhythm.
  • Melody – Writing an engaging Melody that connects with the listener.
  • Chords – Writing chord progressions with changing roots. Anticipating chord changes. Inverting chord voicings.
  • Bass – Writing Basslines under chord changes.
  • Drums – Adding additional drums to your patterns like Open Hi-Hat, Toms, Clap, and Sidestick.
  • Music Theory – Extending the relative pitch range to a full octave. Intentionally overlapping adjacent notes to create Legato connections. Adding Grace Notes to create expressive bends at the beginning of a note.
  • Ear Training – Develop and train your ear to recognize pitch, rhythm, and chord changes. Further refine the ability to start taking what you hear in your head and in the music you listen to, and translate it into your music.
  • Runs in your web  browser – ChromeOpera and Edge are currently supported on Mac and PC.
  • Note: This course requires you to sign up for an online account with Audible Genius in order to access the course materials. VSTBuzz does not host any downloads for this.
  • Build real-life music-making skills with Audible Genius’ intuitive step-by-step process until you’re making your own original beats from scratch!

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