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“BUTE Loudness Normaliser” is designed for making those final checks, or as a quick solution for producers facing deadline pressures.

BUTE Loudness Normaliser -Easily Optimise Audio For Broadcasting, Gaming And Music Standards!
Audio normalisation becomes a breeze with Signum Audio’s automated loudness normalisation application, BUTE Loudness Noramliser, or BUTE-LN for short. Perfect for a final check for True Peak overshoots when delivering audio files to a variety of platforms whether working with music, games or broadcasting.
Simply drag and drop audio files into the standalone application, select your preset and analyse, hit render and then export the normalised file. Oui la!

Mixing & Mastering:

  • Produce consistent masters
  • Avoid ‘level shifting’ and clipping downstream
  • Ensure accurate representation of your audio/music

Post-Production & Broadcasting:

  • Hit target levels for multiple platforms easily. Useful when you are facing tight deadlines
  • Deliver loudness compliant audio to streaming platforms, where standards are a recommendation rather than a regulation
  • Optimise dynamics for streaming content

DJs & Music Producers:

  • Hear how your audio will sound on all streaming platforms
  • Ensure the levels of all the tracks in your set list are consistent

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