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Featuring two unique and incredibly versatile solo vocalists, the “Ceres & Calypso Bundle” features true legato, multiple mic positions and much more!

8GB of Inspirational Solo Vocalists in Kontakt Format!

This unique and inspirational bundle by Auddict features the following high quality solo vocal libraries:

Ceres (4GB) – Featuring the soaring, ethereal vocals of singer, Tanya Wells.

  • Legato, Portamento and vibrato controls
  • Chest, Prescence and Air controls
  • Mordents, Up Bends, Down Bends, Turns and Crescendos
  • Whispers – Soft whispered vowels
  • Ornament – For extra musical embellishment
  • Phrases – Short phrases recorded, and mapped to each key
  • Long & Short Swells – crescendo/diminuendo samples

Calypso (4GB) – Breathtaking Solo Female Vocals which Provoke Powerful Emotion…

  • FIVE True Legato Modes (ah, eh, ee/ih, oh, mm)
  • TWELVE further consonant sounds multiplying legato options and variations several-fold!
  • FIVE mic positions – craft your ideal sound
  • Legato aid function

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