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Deal: Distort 2 by Strezov Sampling 60% off

Distort 2 is an electric guitar mockup tool designed for composers on a tight deadline.

Create Instant Electric Guitar Mockups on a Tight Deadline

Distort 2 is an electric guitar sample library using a Gibson Flying V, recorded and played by engineer Plamen Penchev, perfect for film and trailer composers on a tight deadline.

The main goal for this library has been to give the user flexibility and freedom while playing. Strezov Sampling know that composers usually do not have time to fool around with knobs and buttons, this is why Distort only requires you to load it up and you can immediately start playing.

The library features a range of useful functions including:

  • Doubletracked guitar (L & R), recorded separately with three mic positions (dynamic mic, ribbon mic and hall)
  • Up and down picking
  • Power chords, open single tones (sustains), mute chords, mute single tones
  • The option to use the built in amps (Marshall JCM2000 or Marshall 1960) or use the completely clean samples (without processing) and re-amp on your own system

Distort 1 is also included for free giving you additional flexibility (1958 Korina Flying V Epiphone Guitar, amped through a Mesa Boogie amplifier)

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