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“Evolution: Bundle” by Keep Forest brings together a unique pair of Trailer Music & Sound Design tools in Evolution: Dragon and Evolution: Atlantica.

12.3GB of Awesome Hybrid Scoring Sound Design Tools!

Keep Forest’s main goal in creating these libraries was to create tools that allow for controlling all aspects of creation whilst keeping the workflow as simple and flexible as possible.

In doing so they have managed to create two unique, but highly complimentary & inspiring Hybird Scoring Sound Design Tools that are now yours to own!


Evolution: Dragon is a powerful and massive sample collection of sound design tools created for writing tracks in the styles of hybrid soundtrack and trailer.

The main feature of this library is easy customization, that is designed to save you time. It’s powerful rhythmic sequencer allows you to make your own underscore patterns and simplify your work like never before!


Evolution Atlantica is a powerful collection of high-quality sound effects, as well as aggressive and sophisticated instruments for creating trailer & cinematic music and game soundtracks in a short time.

Trailer Brass, Guitars, Sound Effects, Pulse Patterns, Aggressive Instruments – all in one product!

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