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“Legacy Bundle” is a collection of inspirational yet diverse instruments from Sonixinema covering a wide range of sounds from Traditional/Distorted Strings and an Upright Piano through to a completely unique take on a classic Music Box and a one-of-a-kind hand-made Tongue Drum.

Each instrument brings its own unique sonic universe to the table making them perfect for Film & TV Underscore, Video Games, Cinematic/Trailer Music, Sound Effects & More!

All Products Available Individually At 60% Off

Normally €239 – get it at 71% off before it’s gone!

  • 71% off the normal price (normally €239)!
  • All Products Available Individually At 60% Off!
  • 30GB+ of Content!
  • Hybrid Scoring Collection: Strings
  • Over 18GB of content
  • Orchestral textures and modern stringed instruments
  • 300+ presets made from over 8000 sound sources
  • Custom designed interface with intuitive layout
  • Volume, Pan, Pitch, Attack, Sustain & Release Controls, plus High Pass/Low Pass filters for fine tuning your sound
  • Three Band EQLow, Mid, and High EQ with Frequency, Q and Gain controls.
  • Reverb – Choose from 28 distinct reverb presets!
  • Compression – Beef up that sound for maximum impact!
  • Delay – Perfect for creating trippy, spacial panning effects!
  • Tape Saturation – Bring additional analog warmth and depth to your sounds!
  • Memory Box: Not just a Music Box
  • A modern twist on a classic Swiss music box
  • 1.3Gb of Content
  • 10 instruments, 30 single presets, 20 multis, 10 IRs
  • London Boyd: 1920’s Upright
  • 4.5Gb of samples
  • 3 microphone perspectives
  • 6 custom presets
  • Primal: Glass & Metallic Instruments
  • 1GB of Samples & 100 Unique Presets in Kontakt Format!
  • 10 glass and metallic instruments
  • 30 textures and pads
  • 20 moments
  • 20 preset percussion rhythms which have over 1500 possible variations.
  • A wide range of both Insert and Send effects including Reverbs, Delays, Filters, Chorus, Compression, EQ, Panning, Envelopes.
  • Resonate: Bowed Effects & Cinematic Textures
  • Recorded using Neumann u87
  • Convolution Reverb with 23 unique impulse responses
  • Dedicated parameter controls for Damping, Grit and Delay
  • Medicine Man: Playground Series by Saša Dukić
  • Hand Crafted Tongue Drum
  • 520MB of Samples
  • Unique Atmosphere Layers
  • NOTE: These libraries require the FULL RETAIL VERSION of Kontakt (NOT compatible with the free Kontakt Player) – Please read the individual sections for exact requirements.
  • Perfect for Film & TV Underscore, Video Games, Cinematic/Trailer Music, Industrial & Atmospheric Music, Sound Effects and more!


Price: EUR 69.00€

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