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MAD Drums is a REMO® custom 5-piece Rock kit recorded in stunning 24bit clarity with a huge range of features to choose from.

Its the perfect punchy drum kit for Rock, Pop, Indie, Punk & Funk music!

MAD Drums by Handheld Sound

Articulations, Techniques & OTher Special Features

MAD really shines at indie punk/rock and funk. Given the extra wide dynamic range, loud is indeed very loud!

We utilized various playing techniques and articulations to deliver a tonal and dynamic response that is true and idiomatic to the instrument. Here are some other special features of the library:

  • Multi-sampled hits of Kick, Snare, Hi-Hat, 3X Toms and Cymbals.
  • Integrated user interface with a full mixer, EQ and Compression, Bussing, and a sophisticated control panel.
  • Abundance of velocity layers and 4X round robin samples.
  • Extended dynamic range and realistic velocity curves suitable for drumming.
  • Separate Left/Right hand samples for Snare and Toms with multiple drum zones articulations.
  • Extensive Hi-Hat engine with 6 degrees of Close-To-Open modulation with automatic foot pedal and Legato transitions.
  • Automatic ‘same hand guard’ keeps your programming or live triggering realistic.
  • Innovative Snare Grace notes Legato transitions.
  • Automatic Cymbal Chokes.
  • Recorded in a room with a live small PA setup. The combined signals improved dynamic range and power.
  • Recorded through premium mics and preamps (Neve, API and Demeter) using oversized custom Cooperman Sticks.
  • Ability to shape the kit sound completely inside MAD and save snapshots, or Buss every channel to your host.
  • Independent level control within the Overheads channel elements. Change the levels of the Hi-Hat or Cymbals independently within the Overheads Stereo channel.
  • Ultra realistic Hi-Hat implementation with numerous articulations, 6 gradual Close-To-Open states, modulation and transitions, and automatic foot pedal blending.
  • Full control over microphone bleed from multiple perspectives including Kick, Toms, and Snare.
  • Musically tuned decay envelopes and velocity control.

Normally €74.99, now only €29.99 (60% off)

  • Huge 60% off the normal price!
  • Perfect for rock, pop, indie, funk and punk
  • Recorded in high quality 24bit / 44.1kHz
  • 5,400+ individual samples, 4x Round robin
  • Extended and realistic dynamic range
  • Extensive Hi-Hat engine with many articulations and modulation options.
  • Separate Left/Right hits on Snare and Toms
  • Intelligent Legato Snare Grace notes, Cymbal Chokes, and note overlap cleanup.
  • Full mixer with EQ, Compression, and innovative mic bleed control.
  • Includes a useful Groove engine with over 350 grooves.
  • Optimized for studio production and LIVE triggering
  • 3GB Harddrive space required
  • Full version of Kontakt 5.2 or higher required – NOT COMPATIBLE WITH KONTAKT PLAYER

Get 60% discount and buy “MAD Drums” for just 29,99€ here:

MAD Drums by Handheld Sound

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