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Deal: MAD RocknFunk by HandHeldSound 73% off


“MAD RocknFunk” is 3 Complete Drum kits with a total of 20GB of content and 24,000+ samples that feature an integrated hi-end environment for producing Uber realistic drum grooves with maximum nuance and impact!

Normally €175 – get it at 73% off before it’s gone!

  • 73% off the normal price (normally €175)!
  • 3 Unique drum kits that offer a great deal of timbre contrast – MAD_Red – Custom Funk Kit, MAD_White – 6 piece beast & MAD_Blue – Exotic maple 5-piece.
  • 24,000+ samples.
  • 20GB of content (uncompressed).
  • Unique Left/Right hand samples.
  • Plenty of Velocity Layers, Round Robin, and Release samples.
  • Realistic Extended Dynamic Range.
  • Legato Snare Grace Notes, Cymbal Chokes, and Note Overlap Prevention.
  • Extensive Hi-Hat Engine – The Hi-Hat engine features various articulations and 6 degrees of Close-To-Open modulation.
  • Dedicated Groove Engine – Explore plenty of Rock and Funk beats complete with alternate grooves and fills ranging from subtle to extreme.
  • Comprehensive Microphone Bleed Control.
  • Flexible Mixing Architecture – Up to 14 individual microphone perspectives including EQ, Sends/Returns, and Custom Bussing.
  • Intuitive UI and design
  • Note: Requires the Full Retail version of Kontakt 5.5 or above (NOT compatible with the free Kontakt Player)
  • Perfect for Rock / Indie Rock, Funk, Cinematic Underscore and much, much more!

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