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Great news! Modularium by Particular Sound is currently available for €9,99 which is 70% off at VSTBuzz.
We did a review of the first version of Modularium here: Modularium Review – Be sure to check it out.

“Modularium” is a multi layer instrument containing 6 modules that give you different ways to shape waveforms using synchronized effects and modulations from Kontakt sampler.

150 Presets & 50 Multis – A Whole New World of Sounds!

“Modularium” comes with 300MB of Content and six unique modules:

  • Generator A & B – 8 layer instruments + modulation sources
  • Noicesetter – Noise generator and step sequencer
  • Vocalirum – Generate vocal-type sounds with this module
  • Paddle A & B – Pad generators with many sound manipulation options

If you’re feeling more adventurous, the “Random” button will open up a whole world of interesting possibilities!

Original price:


You will save:


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