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“Scoring Mallets” is a massive 20GB library that features 3 incredibly detailed and highly playable instruments – a Marimba, Xylophone, and Vibraphone, all recorded in a beautiful large scoring room.

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Ultra Authentic & Playable Marimba, Xylophone and Vibraphone (20GB)
“Scoring Mallets“ is a stunning collection of Marimba, Xylophone and Vibraphone instruments for Kontakt.  The library offers an abundance of features all targeting seamless composition and idiomatic writing that compliments modern scoring perfectly.
This isn’t your standard sample library though – it has some incredibly unique features that make it really stand from the crowd out including:

  • Acoustic Positioner™ – true stage positioning capabilities without relying on convolution and panning mock-ups
  • Up to 5 microphone positions – Tight, Loose, Stage, and Wides/Surround
  • Multiple intuitive playing techniques including single notes, trills, rolls, glissandi, and for the first time, dedicated access to 4 mallet playing techniques
    Boasting an incredible 38,000+ samples and 20GB of content, this translates into a collection of ultra authentic and playable mallet instruments.

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