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Stormdrum 3 takes “big ethnic drums” to another level. Featuring 87GB of content, this is one of the biggest collections of ethnic drums and percussion, both tuned and unpitched, from around the world.

From small woodblocks to a huge, 10-feet-wide rectangular Remo frame drum and a Japanese taiko weighing as much as a grand piano, Stormdrum 3 should be in every serious composer’s toolkit!

87GB of Ethnic Drums & Percussion from Small to HUGE

Stormdrum 3 is the follow up library to the hugely popular Stormdrum 2 from EastWest Sounds. Produced by Nicky Phoenix, “Two Steps From Hell” composer and creator of Stormdrum 1 and 2, Stormdrum 3 contains completely new content, featuring the best instruments from the private collection of Mickey Hart, plus additional instruments from the Remo private collection, hand picked by Remo himself.

Played by master percussionists Mickey Hart, Greg Ellis and Chalo Eduardo, Stormdrum 3 was recorded in the world famous EASTWEST Studio 1, the home of major Hollywood soundtracks and television themes. It includes tempo synced percussion performances directed and played by Mickey Hart, with Greg Ellis, Chalo Eduardo and Nick Phoenix and 5 user-controllable mic positions for each instrument.

StormDrum 3 contains a wide range of percussion instruments in the following categories:

  • Big Drums
  • Gongs, Clocks & Waterphones
  • Ethnic Metals
  • Metals
  • Shakers
  • Small Drums
  • Taiko Family
  • Woods

The full list of instruments included can be found in the manual HERE.

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