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“Torsion” is a new wave in modern trailer and score sound design packed with cinematic sound effects, tempo locked synths, stutter-stingers, tonal feedback, signature braams and hits, drops, low end whooshes, vocals, risers, reverses and pass bys.
It is perfect for everything from movie trailers to scores, advertisements, cutting edge electronic music, audio/video installations, experimental music, sound effects production and much more!

1.3GB of Vocals, Braams, Hits, Drops, Whooshes & Sound FX in WAV/Kontakt Formats!“Torsion is comprised of 300+ sounds in Wav 96/24 format (with Key information) and 86 Kontakt instruments that cover the following patch types:

  • Sound FX
  • Tempo locked synths
  • Stutter-stingers
  • Tonal feedback
  • Braams and Hits
  • Drops
  • Low end whooshes
  • Vocals
  • Risers
  • Reverses
  • Pass bys

N.B. The Kontakt patches require the Full Retail version of NI Kontakt 5.5.0 or higher (the free Player is not supported). The standalone WAV files are also included !

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