Deal: Tuned Percussion Bundle by Soundiron 73% off

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The “Tuned Percussion Bundle” is a bundle of all of Soundiron’s premier tuned percussion instrument libraries, encompassing a broad range of acoustic sounds and integrated performance features.

20GB+ Of Beautiful Playable Tuned Percussion Libraries For Kontakt!
“Tuned Percussion Bundle” is a mighty toolbox of melodic percussion sounds over 9 libraries covering a wide range of musical uses and includes:

  • Alto Glockenspiel – $29
  • Circle Bells – $49
  • Cylindrum – $49
  • Imbibaphones – $29
  • Kalimba – $19
  • The Musique Box – $39
  • Noah Bells – $39
  • Water Harp – $59
  • Whale Drum – $39

These products would cost €295 if bought individually, but are available for €79 for a limited time.

Original price:


You will save:


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