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“ZoneMatrix” is a powerful Kontakt extension that turns sample libraries into powerful Dynamic Patches. Create, Control and Play Kontakt like never before! Build multis on the fly and perform anything from trios, quartets to fully blown orchestras!

A Whole New Dimension Of Creativity For Kontakt Users
“ZoneMatrix” revolutionises performance by taking the humble Kontakt interface and turning it into a massive multi-layered super-instrument!

Key Features

  • Free Kontakt Player compatible (version 5.8.1+), no other software is required!
  • Create Dynamic Patches in seconds.
  • Trigger multiple instruments simultaneously across different key and velocity ranges.
  • Transpose instruments on the fly to create chords/intervals/textures.
  • Use the Octaver to play massive chords and melodies.
  • Set fixed velocity values or shift velocity around.
  • Zone dependent Polyphony Limiter.
  • Fine tune your MIDI control using the built in CC Filter.
  • Built in MIDI learnable mixer.
  • 8 different independent, key switched scenes for the ultimate performance!
  • Extensive MIDI Learn functionality and Hotkeys for ultimate workflow.
  • Used inside a DAW, ZoneMatrix can trigger external VSTi’s.
  • Presets for swift recall.

“This concept of treating Kontakt as a multi-layered super-instrument is very seductive. The approach is not dissimilar to Omnisphere, but with an effectively limitless supply of raw material to play with, not only from commercially produced libraries, but also the vast amount of free instruments available out there, not to mention one’s own home-grown samples. Couple that with Kontakt’s impressive arsenal of effects, and it can be said that the only limit is your imagination!!!” – Sound On Sound Magazine

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