Devious Machines released Infiltrator

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Devious Machines released Infiltrator, a monster multi-effect sequencer that can satisfy any sound design appetite. Thanks to a choice of 28 effects, combined with powerful curve editing, sequencing and macro controls, the possibilities are endless, and inspiration is guaranteed!

The 10 effect slots give you a choice of exquisitely modelled filters, distortion, pitch shifting, FM, delay, reverb, and loads more. Every slot can be modulated by audio input level or using a custom curve editor, which can be triggered by the input audio or MIDI.

Infiltrator Features

  • Draw custom curves for up to ten effects.
  • Choose from 28 effect modules, including filters, delays, loopers, pitchshifters and more.
  • Powerful effects sequencer brings your processing to life across up to 32 steps.
  • 750+ presets by professional artists and sound designers.
  • Four macro parameters give you ultimate control over your sound.
  • MIDI control to activate/deactivate effects.
  • Global output effects include 11 types of distortion and 4 types of compression.
  • Trigger curves as envelopes from audio peaks, or run them continuously as LFOs.
  • Disable curve modulation and use the input audio envelope as a mod source instead.
  • Independent speed control for each envelope – up to 100Hz for special effects.
  • Clean Bass mode allows sub bass frequencies to pass through unaffected.

Intro: £69.00 ($98/€80)
Regular: £99.99 ($142/€117)

More info here: Devious Machines | Infiltrator

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