DistoCore releases kick and bass synthesizer BAZZ Murda for free

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Bazz::Murda is a full-featured AU/VST synth dedicated to kick-drums and bass synthesis.
It is aimed at hard electronic music like hardcore, gabber, drum&bass and Dubstep.
If you like heavy and distorted hardcore sounds or massive wobble bass-lines don’t miss it in your audio plug-ins collection.

Key features:
– 3 alias-free algorithm- and wavetable-based oscillators
– 1 additional sine-wave oscillator with separate modelling path for a clean bass-layer
– 3 free-running or tempo-synced LFOs with different signal modes allowing osc cross-modulation
– LP/HP filter unit with cross fade control per oscillator
– volume and filter ADSR with independent duration control
– sophisticated pitch envelope for complex bass/kick drum models
– 2/9* voices unison unit with fade-in option* for bass/kick drum application
– FM modulator unit with fade-in option* for bass/kick drum application
– Note modes: normal, bass/kick drum and 8 major/minor arpeggiator modes for chiptune sounds
– Tempo delay
– Build-in multi-fx with multi-mode filter, ring modulator, phaser and 3 band EQ
– Hardcore bass unit for boosting kick drum bass range*
– Build-in powerful distortion unit with specially engineered, editable distortion curves for hardcore bass/kick drums
– Advanced visualization for output and LFO signals

* PRO version only

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